Experience Bangladesh with Locals

Backpackers Bangladesh is an online touring platform to provide adventurous holiday experiences in a different region of Bangladesh. Besides, providing traditional tourism services we provide exclusive community-based tourism services in Bangladesh. we provide tour services in collaboration with the local community. You’ll get a chance to stay with the local community, experience new culture, lifestyle. With us, travelers will get a chance to experience Bangladesh in a new way.


The “Hosts’ are the people living beside tourists destination and do not have sustainable income opportunities. We train them to give them facilities to make a room for the tourists, develop a facility for foods and other essential tourism activities and comprising all of their services we create tour packages and sell them on our platform and many other local and international platforms. We work hand in hand with local people to promote ‘community-based tourism’ to provide travelers with an authentic and meaningful experience to travelers and contribute to the preservation of culture and nature while bringing economic opportunities for decent and sustainable livelihoods to local communities.

Creating Bangladesh Where Every Households Become Home of Tourism

Backpackers is a community based tourism initiative. We help households to make a room for tourists in their house with other essential facilities. We choose the households with utmost care that both of us can create a success story. The food preparation is always done in a hygiene environment. The food menus are developed so that tourists can have local food experience with a healthy diet. We trained local people to become an efficient tour guide. Our guides are chosen in terms of their honesty, behavior and knowledge. Our tour guide will be your best friend while travelling. By comprising all of their service we create tour packages that are served. You can customize your trip by your choice. Even we are providing tour customization during you trip.